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    An Entertaining, Beneficial & Profitable Fundraiser

    A fun and educational fundraiser for all ages while connecting with nature, we offer a variety of high-quality bird food to attract all types of backyard birds. With a total of 12 products to choose from, in 3 different sizes (4kg, 9kg, and 18kg), there is sure to be a product to suit everyones needs!

    Whether you’re a part of a hockey or baseball team, horse club, music group, grad class, daycare, or anything in between, our fundraisers offer a fan favorite product that provides an entertaining, beneficial and profitable fundraiser!

    what's in it for us?

    what's in it for us?

    Average of 30% Profit

    Each bag sold during your fundraiser earns your group on average 30% margin. By selling only $100 of bird food, your group will take home $30 of that!

    Not just a fundraiser! Did you know that when we feed the birds, we’re doing more than just bringing beautiful sights and sounds to our own backyards – we’re giving a boost to the local environment as well!

    what products can we sell?

    what products can we sell?

    Manitoba-Grown Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
    & Canadian Wild Bird Feed

    We have 12 products for you to choose from— in 3 different sizes (4kg, 9kg, and 18kg).

    The birds you and your fundraiser supporters will feed will benefit from our nutritious, high-quality products. With Pick of the Birds products, you're picking nutrition, quality, and value. Our sunflower seeds and related grains are lovingly grown in Manitoba or expertly sourced from quality North American suppliers.

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    frequently asked questions

    frequently asked questions

    Please NOTE that we are only able to support fundraisers with a delivery point within a 4-hour radius of Winnipeg, MB.

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    sign us up

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    You're ready to start fundraising with Pick of the Birds bird seed, and you're wondering how to get started?

    Contact us, and within 48 regular business hours we'll reach back to you directly with all the information you'll need to get started with your fundraiser.

    We'll provide you with an order form, costing and pricing information, details about delivering product at the end of your fundraiser, and all other information needed to get started.

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