FREE Local Delivery for Orders $50+ Within Winnipeg, MB & Surrounding Towns FREE Local Delivery for Orders $50+ Within Winnipeg, MB & Surrounding Towns

Fundraising Questions

How do we receive our products at the end of the fundraiser?

We will schedule a day and time to make a one-time delivery of all orders at the end of your fundraiser. Product will come stacked on pallets, and it will be the fundraising groups responsibility to distribute the product to each individual customer upon delivery.

How long will it take to receive our products?

Once all of your orders have been submitted, product will be delivered within 10-14 days.

What happens if a product bag is damaged upon delivery

Although all products are inspected for damage prior to delivery, it is possible that a bag could be broken upon delivery. In the event this happens, the fundraising group will be reimbursed for the full value of the bag. It is the responsibility of the fundraising group to reimburse the individual customer.

How long should we run our fundraiser for?

It is up to the discretion of each group to decide how long they run their fundraiser for. Our suggestion is a minimum of 2 weeks, and no longer than 4 weeks.

How are funds collected?

Each group is responsible for collecting payment from each individual customer, and one lump-sum payment is to be made to Pick of the Birds at the end of the fundraiser. Specific payment information and options will be provided to your group leader.

Do we need to check the totals of each order?

Yes, it is the fundraising group's responsibility to ensure the grand totals of each product are accurate. At the end of your fundraiser, you will submit a grand total number of bags for each individual product and size. We will deliver product based on these values.