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Bird Feeding for Beginners

Bird Feeding for Beginners


Pick an area in your yard where you can comfortably watch from both indoors and outdoors. Be sure there is sufficient greenery and shelter for birds to feel safe and explore.

Bird Feeders

Provide a variety of different feeders (i.e., tube, hopper, suet and ground) at multiple different heights. Different feeders and heights attract different species. Be sure to find feeders with multiple perches or large platforms to accommodate large gatherings. Look for feeders with roofs that can help keep bird food dry as well as ones that can come apart easily for quick cleaning. Visit our Pick a Bird section to find the feeders that work best for the birds you are trying to attract.

Bird Food

Each species has food preferences as they do feeder type and height. Black oil sunflowers is a great basic that will attract the largest array of birds, but remember there are a lot of other options. Each species of birds prefer different food. Pick a Product from our store to find the best food for your birds.

Water Source

Adding a bird bath or water source can quickly attract more birds! Not all birds eat birdseed, but all birds need to drink water! A bird also needs bathe every day to keep feathers clean and healthy so why not add a birdbath. Make sure it’s shallow (max 3 inches deep) otherwise you must add rocks to prevent drowning.

Keep Clean

Responsible feeding! When birdseed gets wet, it can spoil easily and the bird seed can quickly become moldy. Don’t forget to clean birdfeeders regularly by removing and discarding of old, mouldy seed. Soak and clean in bleach solution to disinfect.


Try adding bird friendly plants, nest boxes, nectar bird feeders and window decals to prevent collisions.

~ Happy Birding!

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