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Bird Migration

Bird Migration

Birds Are Amazing!

Migrating birds have skills far beyond any human ability! Birds don’t use compasses, calendars or phones to tell them when and where to go! They sense which direction based on the position of the sun, the stars and earth’s magnetic field and on top of that, they can fly for days without any rest!

Most of us picture migration as the v shaped flocks of geese flying above in the spring and fall. However, out of 650 different species of breeding birds in North America, over half of them migrate. Migration is the large scale of movement between breeding and wintering grounds. Moving from areas of low and decreasing resources to areas of high or increasing resources. Whether it is short distance migration developed from the fairly simple need for food to long distance which is much more complex; need for resources, weather, birdfood supply, etc.

Migration is very dangerous and comes at a high cost in mortality. From predation to the disappearing stopover habitat, more and larger skyscrapers, stronger storms and window collisions!

You can try adding window decals to help with window collisions.

An Exciting Time for Birders!

Bird migration is still not clearly understood what initiates migratory behaviour but what we do know is that come early spring and fall, we get to see so many different birds fly through. It’s a VERY exciting time for birders!

This is the chance to see all the cool birds you do not normally get to see throughout the year. That being said, the most exciting birding times are concentrated in two short time spans, sometimes making migration a very stressful time for some avid birders as you can feel you never had enough time birding. You never know which new “lifer” you will see this round!

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